I think I’ve found a bug, what should I do?

Bugs can be submitted to Github or the Support section of Counterparty forums.

Provide a short description of the expected behavior, and what seems to be happening instead.

  • If it’s a counterpartyd issue, are you using the build system or not?
  • What exact action triggers the problem?
  • When does the issue occur? Intermittently or consistently?
  • What OS and architecture (e.g. i386, x64) are you using?
  • If it’s a Counterwallet issue, what browser and version (e.g. Google Chrome 35.0.1234) are you using? Does the problem happen with another browser?
  • If it is a problem with a Counterparty GUI or website, please use imgur (http://imgur.com/), or some other file sharing site to upload a screenshot showing the issue.
  • If a command-line tool issue (e.g. counterpartyd), provide us with a copy of your log file, as well as well as the entire output that shows the error. This text may be posted to pastebin (http://pastebin.com/), and the resulting URL should be included in the bug report.
  • If it is a documentation issue, be sure to describe exactly where the error is in the documentation.
  • If you are a developer, an actual pull request with the bug fixed would be the most helpful solution.


  • Please do not post account pass phrases, passwords or other private details (that you wish to keep confidential) on the Web because your wallet would be instantly exposed forever.

  • Suspected security issues should be submitted privately to Counterparty developers.