Counterwallet login

I am having trouble logging into counterwallet. I type in my passphrase and all I get is a never ending loading bar. its been doing this for a week and a half now

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Same here!

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I’m also having trouble logging in. Can somebody from the Counterparty team please respond??

same here can’t check my current cryptos due to this. can support please figure out what the issue is?

Me too but is there any support about this?

Me too but I can’t see anyway of getting any real support this there is no company as such behind this site.

Have you found a way to contact anyone about this login problem?

I try to use quick quick access password to login and fail, as the same.

You should be able to login to any of the counterwallet servers which are online listed at

There also are a number of other counterparty wallets you can use should you ever find counterwallet is not working for you.

Same here. Please fix this problem

same problem can someone help me too

Please read the above post where I tell you that you should be checking to see what servers are up before trying to login to one of the servers and then saying things don’t work.

At times the counterwallet servers are taken down for maintenance, which is why we have the website which lists off all the counterwallet servers and their status.

how long from now will your servers be down thank u says under maintenance

same problem here, stuck on loading, any update for the site ?

The servers are back up now after being down for a couple days due to an issue in Counterparty.

As always, you can simply check to see if the servers are up, or use an alternative wallet listed at

I attempted to login to my wallet last week and everything was smooth, now my wallet has a higher balance and I cannot connect to gain access, it says that the server is up, however I am stuck with the endless scrolling loading bar, thanks for any light that can be shed on this issue.

I tried login in but is the sever is down to login the wallet non of the wallet has ever load

indexd was down for a while. The issue has been fixed and counterwallet is now functioning properly.

I see this is a common problem. I can’t access my wallet for 90% of time for at least the past 6 months.

It is a good thing there are many different wallets you can use. I encourage you to check out for a list of wallets

I would suggest using desktop wallet, as that supports all the current features of Counterparty.