Log in issues for first time user

Hello, this is my first post. I cannot log in. once I put in my 12 word code I have terms and conditions to accept then i’m back to the log in page. I didn’t create a url when I opened the account (almost 2 years ago) and this is the first time since that I am opening it.

ant advice would be appreciated.


When you FIRST create a wallet, you are given 12 words and told to write down those 12 words. Those 12 words are the only way you can access your wallet. If you lose those 12 words, you have no way to access your wallet/funds.

You should put in the 12 word code that you got when you first opened your account (over 2 years ago) and then you will be logged into your original wallet. You may need to click “Create New Address” a few times to get new/missing addresses to appear.