Forgotten login details

Hi there,
I have a Scotcoin account, and opened up the new counterwallet last year. I have now forgotten how to sign in to my counterwallet, as I have forgotten the 12-word password that I need to get in. Is there any way I can reset this?

Sorry to hear that. Without the passphrase it’s impossible to log in. I can only think of two ways you might recover your funds.

  • Did you make a quick-access URL? If you still have this URL and you chose a weak password (or you remember the password) it will be possible to log back in.

  • Do you partially remember the passphrase? If you know ~10 of the words, it is possible to have the computer “brute force” access to the wallet.

Thank you for the response. I just built this computer in June, and thankfully had backed up all my data from the old drive on to an external hard drive. I was able to drill down until I found the information. Thankfully I won’t have to force access to the wallet.

Hi, I have the same problem but I don’t have the passphrase because I though I have saved the URL link. Only now I have discovered that its “” only, that was clearly a mistake. Is there any other way I could access it? Can some one from admins do that for me if I provide any other relevant information?
Thanks in advance.

If you saved the URL link (aka Quick Access) and still remember the password for the link, I think you can simply modify the link to point to

Thanks for the reply!
I don’t have it. This is all I have saved:
Clearly I miss the rest of the link.
I know my wallet address, the date I have created it, transactions made.

Is there any way to assess it? Can admins do this?

Unfortunately if you don’t know the pass phrase (pass word, in case of Quick Access) there is no way to recover.

If you remember, when you created your wallet you didn’t need to register your email or anything else. That makes it possible to both ensure pseudo-anonymity (no one here knows which addresses belong to you) and avoid the need for the Project to act as legal guardian of your assets (which it would be if anyone had a way to know which address(es) are yours and a way to access the funds).

The 12 word pass phrase can be used to derive private keys of all addresses that could appear in your wallet, but you’re the only person who saw it (when you created the wallet).