Liteparty - Would it complement Counterparty?

We could launch Liteparty like this:

  • For a ~1 month period all Counterparty addresses can broadcast a Litecoin address
  • For every one XCP held, the Litecoin address would receive 10 XLP
  • For every asset owned, the Litecoin address would be the owner of an asset with same name but zero supply

In this way every Counterparty stakeholder would get a proportional Liteparty share.

All these initial balances and asset ownerships would be hardcoded into the initial launch of Liteparty. After this, these two chains will be independent.

However, the code base will be identical, and an update to one shall easily be added to the other. It’s similar to how Litecoin mimics Bitcoin.

All existing wallets and explorers should with reasonable ease cover both chains.

Overall, would this add value to Counterparty? Do you envision another approach?