List of Open Counterparty bounties

Hi all, 

This thread is dedicated to listing all available bounties for Counterparty. Full list of issues open for bounties can be found at:

This list will be updated as new bounties get posted or old ones claimed/rewarded.


20 XCP bounty to build the ethereum smart contract logic for a powerball lottery on the blockchain using XCP

From prophetx on BitcoinTalk: 
“also i will pledge another 30 XCP if I get 50 XCP in pledges from a group or person
so far we have others pledging 10 XCP - Niceplum and tyhmakulho”

//This bounty is now closed

BOUNTY: 500k DOGE, 5 XCP, and the EI Marmot Award for 1st person to write Counterparty module wrapper for