Counterparty site feedback

Hello, I’d like to offer some feedback about the site and thoughts/questions on CP. I do so as a entrepreneur who has developed several websites and someone involved with tangible precious metals.

A few small things I think could go a long way.

  • change to copyright 2017 on all websites in footer, otherwise it infers the site is neglected. Someone like me then questions if it’s still active and goes about a more intensive process of questioning things…

  • mobile version of the wallet is subpar, desktop experience is much superior. More than that, there is nothing that infers that it is ajax enabled (so that it will auto refresh/post any changes as they happen). Doing a page reload which logs you out is extremely frustrating. Is this a norm in the crypto space? Page refresh should keep you logged in. Put a countdown or something if this is an intentional security measure. So I guess if you have the UI/UX that infers it auto updates, then I wouldn’t have experienced this forced log out each time… Frustrating!

  • the whole model for CP is strong. Many great things in it’s favor that attracted me to this over anything else thus far. I looked into several alts. The BTC trade that happened at inception, in exchange for XCP, I read these went into an untouchable wallet that no one has access to. Is that right? It’s a lot of BTC that gives XCP this air of having a gold standard of some kind to it, like the BTC is locked away in a vault. Is there any conceivable way that users could verify the existence of such, much like an audit could be done of a vault to verify the existence of it’s contents… If the BTC are clearly there and can be ‘seen’ / ‘verified’ by anyone (not accessible or hackable of course), this would be a super strong marketing message as well.

  • when a transfer is sent from the online wallet to another, do links need to be embedded or more infrastructure to advise of current status of transfer?

Ok, that’s plenty for now.

Agreed. Very valid points.

We are in the process of raising bounties for fixing these annoying issues. There are actually several teams working on several version of Counterwallet and I hope one of these teams should be interested in resolving the bugs and improving the UI/UX.