Many trades accepted, but ultimately failed. Still charged mining fees

How do I get this refunded?

Also, the private support on this main article (and most of the article) are out of date: [IMPORTANT] How To Get Support?

Every counterparty action is a bitcoin transaction that requires a fee to get the transaction into the bitcoin network.

Your transactions were written to the bitcoin blockchain, so there is no refunds.

It sounds like your probably trying to use BTC on the dex without fully understanding that BTC orders on the DEX work a bit differently and require an additional BTCPay transaction.

There should be a hint in the XCP/BTC exchange that it is not supported automatically and you need some command line tools to finialize an exchange.

didn’t see any hint, or what needs to be done.

so basically, I’m stuck with XCP?

You can transfer your XCP to a coin market like and there you can trade it for BTC.

Be sure to only use the XCP deposit address of bittrex and not a BTC address.

(For transaction to bittrex set priority to custom fee and choose 10 sat/byte. So your transaction fee is only 0.0001btc instead of 0.001btc at normal priority. But it may take some hours until transaction finished)