How to "watch' Counterparty addresses

I just got surprised by a browser notification that I had no clue where it came from… I thought it was one of the sites I was logged on. Nope - it’s a Chrome add on I installed - it notified me that my address status changed (and indeed it did). I had completely forgotten that I had it.

But it also reminded me that if anyone’s interesting, here’s how to do it.
If you have a better way to do this than that, I’d like to hear it.

There is actually a better way to do this with in In the blockscan portal you can setup an automated address monitor for your address

1. Login to

2. Add/Verify ownership of your address. You can do this via message signing or broadcast. Due to compatibility issues in the current version of counterwallet's message signing you can use the method outlined here instead

3. Once you have successfully added your address, you can then setup an address monitor by editing the address options. Thereafter, everytime you receive any counterparty related assets you will receive a notification email with the transaction details sent to you automatically by the system

4. The service is offered at no cost to the community. The only thing I ask is that it not abused (i.e setting up monitoring for thousands of address)

@something: If you can get the support documents above updated to reflect this, much appreciated

As an alternative to mtbitcoin's free service at blockscan, I run a paid service at  You can watch any address (you don't have to own it).

You can receive an email notification when this address is sent Counterparty tokens or BTC.  It costs a small fee (3 mBTC) to register a watch for unlimited notifications.  It supports near-instant notifications.

You can also monitor Counterparty token balances with my free Android App: