How can I "watch" my Counterwallet address for changes without logging in?

Currently there is no direct way, but there is an easy way to do this with in In the Blockscan portal you can setup an automated address monitor for your address:

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I don’t see a question, but you could

  • use the steps described above
  • use any “Web page monitor” to watch for changes of Web page
  • set up address monitor using any 3rd party bitcoin utility or bitcoin wallet. In this case a bitcoin utility would detect BTC transactions, so that would work fine. But because all Counterparty transactions are also Bitcoin transactions, you’d receive notifications for Counterparty transactions, but to see what actually happened in terms of Counterparty assets/tokens involved, you’d have to check your wallet or the blockscan link above.
  • Example for end users - check your wallet features. By the way, Indiesquare Wallet (for Counterparty) implements notifications for both BTC and Counterparty if coins are sent by another Indiesquare Wallet user.
  • Example for developers -

You can also use CounterTools.

  • Download ZIP from
  • Extract folder
  • Open settings/general.txt
  • Change the default addresses with your addresses
  • You can add as many as you like
  • Open index.html to view balances
  • Make a shortcut on your desktop for easy access

This effectively makes a watch-only wallet. It is impossible to spend from it and it is 100% safe since you never revealed your passphrase or private keys.

If you do want a normal wallet at a later point, simply follow the standard procedure in the GUI.

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