How to bet

[font=verdana][size=13px]Is there anybody bet successfully?[/size][/font][font=verdana][/size][size=13px]I used this command to bet, it’s failed.counterpartyd bet --source xx --feed-address xx --bet-type NotEqual --deadline 2014-03-11-17:00:00+0800 --wager 1 --counterwager 1 --target-value 3750 --leverage 5040 --expiration 20Error msg is like this:{‘message’: ‘Server error’, ‘code’: -32000, ‘data’: {‘message’: ‘3’, ‘args’: [3], ‘type’: ‘KeyError’}}Traceback (most recent call last):  File “F:\Amy\counterpartyd\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\”, line 684, in     args.unsigned)  File “F:\Amy\counterpartyd\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\”, line 136, in cli    unsigned_tx_hex = util.api(method, params)  File “F:\Amy\counterpartyd\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\lib\”, line 52, in api    raise exceptions.RPCError(’{}’.format(response_json[‘error’]))lib.exceptions.RPCError: {‘message’: ‘Server error’, ‘code’: -32000, ‘data’: {‘message’: ‘3’, ‘args’: [3], ‘type’: ‘KeyError’}}What’s wrong with my command? thanksI have used a simple python program to check the deadline format. The 2014-03-11-17:00:00+0800 is fine.[/size][/font]

having the same problem