Could not send xcp

My counterpartyd version is the lastest: 6.4.
There is enough btc and xcp balance in my account.

I can use counterpartyd balances and wallet command. However, when I use “counterpartyd send --source XXX --destination XXX --quantity xx --asset XCP”, it’s said as following

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File “F:\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\counterparty[font=Verdana][size=78%]”, line 432, in [/size][/font]
  File “F:\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\counterparty[font=Verdana][/size][size=78%]”, line 41, in cli[/size][/font]
    unsigned_tx_hex = util.api(method, params)
  File “F:\\counterpartyd_build\dist\counterpartyd\lib\”[font=Verdana][/size][size=78%], line 45, in api[/size][/font]
    raise exceptions.RPCError(’{}’.format(response_json[‘error’]))
lib.exceptions.RPCError: {‘message’: ‘Invalid params’, ‘code’: -32602}

What’s wrong with it? thanks.

I also send 1 XCP using boottlexcp. It’s succed. :slight_smile:

After I updated to 6.5, the dos send works!