How can I recover my issued asset (e.g. SJCX) that I mistakenly sent from Counterwallet address (e.g. SJCX) to a BTC address?

I noticed that I mistakenly sent out from my Counterwallet 10,012.91 SJCX and 0.41375433 XCP (Source 1577tKstdc5u9UFcG85CV8YsNArJhBMkuy , ( ) to BTC 1MW4ZundALRhcN3iryXARsUub1LvnyAqGB address in AUGUR system ( ).
I realized that I had to first swap cryptocurrency SJCX and XCP exchange to BTC and then send to BTC address 1MW4ZundALRhcN3iryXARsUub1LvnyAqGB in the AUGUR system, so that I might buy AUGUR Reputation tokens.

Tell me, please, how can I fix this error?

Do you hold the private key to 1MW4ZundALRhcN3iryXARsUub1LvnyAqGB ?

If yes, you can “sweep” the tokens back into Counterwallet.

If no … I’m not familiar with AUGUR but I assume it’s a crowdsale and someone at AUGUR holds the key. Please contact their support and hopefully they’ll be helpful. I’d offer some tip, as it takes a manual, a bit cumbersome, process to recover your assets.

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I do not have this address 1MW4ZundALRhcN3iryXARsUub1LvnyAqGB private password. The address generated by Augur portal for my account in order to I bring him to BITCOIN’s, I could buy them for Augur rep tokens.

The Augur helpdesk I have already addressed. They gave me a negative answer:

From: Joey Krug []
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2015 8:32 AM
To: Peronet Despeignes;
Subject: Re: Offline message from Augur Crowdsale sent 1 minutes ago

Unfortunately, there’s no way I know of to fix it. Those addresses are forwarding addresses and we don’t have the private key to unlock the funds sent to them (they just forward to our multisig account).


Im sorry to inform you that without the private key, your SJCX are sadly lost. That is the nature of decentralized programs, no help desk for things like this :confused:

Why not allow the system (not prohibit) of one kind of cryptocurrency address to send their units to another type of cryptocurrency address and has lost all ends? Why there is no protection?
It is wrong !!!

its not a different kind of cryptocurrency, counterparty is on top of bitcoin, so you can send counterparty tokens to any bitcoin address. Your SJCX are exactly where you sent them as the protocol works, but you need the PK to move them just like you need a BTC PK to move BTC.

It is frustrating, but remember that all of crypto is in beta, and mistakes like this do happen. Check out what happened to my friend

Hi can you help with the PK to reverse the transaction from the bitcoin account to the xcl account . I transfer by error xcp coins to bitcoins adress . this adress is mine it is not a exchange can i reverse the situation . PLEASE STEPS TO TAKE ?


Hi please can you help me with the steps to take to get back the xcl coins from the bitcoin adress.


I transferred by error xcp to bitcoins direct and i need to reverse it please can you help me with the process

bitcoin= xcp wallet

I got the control of the bitcoin wallet . STEPS TO transfer back the real quantity of xcp
because the transaction is :

Scripts de Entrada
304502210083f5d28535e60248c25bdf6538f2b7b8b2cca584988a19080ded7eb57e9c8226022015690e2617ce3f5b6bea2a76728e697380f88117f308da5a57412e1950c827eb01 03b6979e0a33b95d94edb2ba364beea3ed80ba372d11f1ccd0ecbff3c8d22b56c4 DE ACUERDO
Scripts de Salida
OP_DUP OP_HASH160 f95c7c89e79229c2d7cd38d6156b3a32aa52c6cd OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG
OP_RETURN 81b2159e0f1a0d85d5c6fdbbb7d80461a0216929301b6bfc4bec68a0
(decodificado) j��� �������a�!i)0ek�K�h� Extrañas
OP_DUP OP_HASH160 e707b01618abd3eb9e9e590967933d30e172675e OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG

please advise me

Is this the same as your trezor wallet post?
Do you have the private key of the bitcoin wallet?