Accidentally sent token to the asset owner's address

I filled up the SJCX purse through a stock exchange in polonex, to the address that appears in the box “show info”

purse number - 17VLRV4y7g15KNhCepYvgigHHvREzbEmRn

This address was accidentally confused with my purse address if possible to get my tokens? or to carry them in my purse 1FkzGfc4ig71vv36eFxsB3hsDjhtKqMf

Are you saying you sent your SJCX to a SJCX deposit address of Poloniex? Whose address is 17…?

If that 17… address is your own address for which you have private key, you’ll receive SCJX or you can sweep it.

If that address is not your own addres (e.g. it belongs to Poloniex), then you need to contact the owner (e.g. Poloniex) and ask them if they would be willing to recover SJCX from it for you.

If that address is your Deposit address at Poloniex, but not for SJCX (maybe it’s for XCP or BTC), you also need to ask Poloniex for help.

They may or may not be able or willing to help you.
The bottom line is if you have the private key you can sweep the address. If not, you’re at the mercy of whoever controls. it.

the address where tokens of SJCX have been incidentally sent belongs - counterparty

Where is this 17… address? Is this your Bitcoin or Counterwallet address?

If you have private key for it, you can sweep SCJX from it.

on this screenshot I specified what address was accidental sent

Okay so the you withdrew funds from Poloniex to the address of the asset owner of SCJX i.e. Storj (the company)

The answer is as above: contact the owner (ie. Storj) for help. You could simply ask them to send that SJCX to your 1F… address in Counterwallet (but you should send send them at least 0.0002 BTC for their transaction fee and trouble).

Do not ask them to send the SCJX back, because it will go to Poloniex! or

They may ask you confirm that the sender is really you. Since you don’t control the Poloniex hot wallet address, you need another way to prove it that it was you. Maybe you can work that out with Poloniex support.

thanks we will understand!