Help us prepare Tokenly Pockets code for translation

Tokenly Pockets is already great but can become even better if we translate it into several languages.

Before we can translate I think we’d need to prepare the code for translation (or at least UI text strings).

Anyone with JavaScript skills who can help us create a pull request with needed changes?

Edit: Maybe I should clarify that “us” means the community members who’d like to have a multilingual version of Pockets, and not Tokenly the company

Edit (Sep 8): I am offering a bounty of $20 (payable in BTC on day of delivery) to the first person who extracts translatable strings from the repo at URL above and prepare source to reference those strings (only for the strings visible in Pockets GUI - there are other JavaScripts in there that we do not need to translate). This offer is valid until end of day Sep 20, 2015, UTC.

the people i think would be able to help with this are obviously @loon3 but also:

@JPJA @brighton36 @jdogresorg

I’m up for covering the integration is someone else wants to go through Pockets and translate all the text that appears throughout the application. Just putting it in a Google Sheet that is linked to here would be a great start.

The problem is how to find the text, that’s why I asked if someone can extract it.

And by the way, is the correct repo?

Yep, that’s the repo.

I have just sent out an invite to community member helene to help, she speaks spanish

Cool, thanks.

This shouldn’t be too much work (maybe 30+ mins per language), but the trick is to get the strings out so that one doesn’t have to search for them through JavaScript files.

Hi guys. I suggest we take the translation effort to transifex. Counterparty actually already is using that platform (not sure how much progress they have made with this since I haven´t checked there lately). I am no transifex expert but I know that if you are a non-for-profit you can get a free account for your project. It is nice since you can set it up to translate strings into different languages and automatize updating on github I think. I also have participated in transifex translation of the storj project materials. I can help with german and spanish.

could i get a link to that, i would love to check it out, thanks!

hmmm… it seems like that could get expensive to do. Maybe we could find various community members to help just translate it. Helene: it helps that you know spanish and german, and i will ask a very heavy LTB user that knows russian and english to do that side. I will invite him now

what do you mean expensive? you can´t get an account for non-profits? I guess I am not sure what company Tokenly Pockets goes under. Can´t you make a deal to have it perhaps added to the counterparty translation project :wink:

Actually I just remembered that I once helped a person on the LTB forum to translate something for his own business (got paid in LTBcoin :slight_smile: ) and he got a limited time account that didn´t cost anything. I think it was good for 1 or 2 months. So if this tokenly pockets thing is not a lot of text to be translated we could pull it off in 1 month and be done with it before they start charging you.

That is where it might be kind of grey areaish… Tokenly Pockets isnt Counterparty so that might not be acceptable, but i can look into it more when i get the time (usually with those sites i just look at their pricing first and thats what i did in this case)

like I said, there is a 30 day free trial option even for regular users, and it says “Got an Open Source project? Crowdsource translations for your Open Source project for free!” Is Tokenly Pockets not open-source?

Also check out this Transifex-live option:

oh ok i see :smiley: Yeah that would qualify then

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Ok so let me know if you need help setting up transifex. Otherwise, I´ll be looking forward to getting invited as Spanish and German translator/reviewer.