Help brainstorm my idea of counterparty usage

Hello my name is Sebuh and I have been involved with Bitcoin for several years. I was recommended counterparty by some friend DrBTC at a local meet up in Los Angeles. What I got from him was an idea to help expand my business and help pay out share holders.

My business consists of
Selling Bitcoin miners for USD and BTC on my website, locally, and on
Converting dollars to Bitcoin
Purchasing Bitcoin miners with Bitcoin.

Now I am having all kinds of capital issues because I sell more then what capital I have. Thankfully my manufacturer has given me net 15 days and I have several good reliable investors that have been helping me with money flow.

The problem is it takes amazon too long to send me $ for miner sales.

I purchase too few miners at a time to secure a good price.

What can counterSebuh do?

I make an asset and call it SebuhS1 and sell 60 shares. Each share is worth one S1 miner. You can have several options of what to do with your share.

Cash in the token for the miner shipped to where ever you want.
Wait for the miner asset to mature. Aka mine+resell for profit.
Split profit with sebuh and receive a dividend. You keep the token for Sebuh next batch of miners.

What do you think?

If I downgrade from S2 token to S1 token I will have to do a 6:1 split.

Why invest in mining for lost profit? Invest in a a small retailers wholesale purchase and take a small share of profit. If the miner is good and you want it cash in shares. If sales do good you get dividends. If sales do bad well, I’ll have to cover the losses. So I am not going to try this with huge amounts of money. I want to put up some kind of security deposit and trustee in case something happens to me the miners could be sold by some one else and dividends will be paid.

I’m just throwing some of my ideas out before I start to formulate the final plan and propose the idea.