Has anyone created a 'Pay/Buy Now' Button - Token Solution?


I wondered if anyone was working on a simple ‘Pay/Buy now’ function that can be embedded in web sites allowing users to pay with a token in return for perhaps a download.

Therefore, making it quick and easy for services to be offered online in return for tokens.

What would be great is a wordpress or woo commerce plugin where parameters can be set …

Hope to hear back…


I did.

  1. Tokenly’s CMS is one solution that can be used (with XCP Wallet). You could pay someone to create a WP plugin that would use their API. I’d prefer to do that than to use Woocommerce (big/complex). But if you must use Woocommerce, read on.
  2. https://pay.blockscan.com/ requires more integration, it’s just a sample, but could be used to create a Woocommerce plugin, I think.
  3. GoURL was collecting votes and money for a Wordpress XCP plugin support, I paid a fair bit (considering I don’t really need it) but not many people did, so we never made it to the top. Anyway, this works (or would work, were it implemented) with WooCommerce out of the box, but you’d need to organize a few members to donate as about $30-$50 each to make it happen. I think I chipped in about $40 myself.
    See this:

Hey there!

Thanks for the reply.

No big deal on Woo right now.

Yes, have seen the pay.blockscan part - not quite there is it?

I like the GoURL site - didn’t know that one - they have a good thing going there, I think. Have you used it, is it kosher?!

This seems like the natural fit and would open up doors to acceptance for gateway type payments.

For the sake of argument - how could someone use their mobile via GoURL to achieve something CP token based in the offline world, soon.

Right now would it be - Indiesquare app - Go URL - Merchant… ?

I don’t see any other ways,

What do you think?

Well pay.blockscan.com is just a prototype that could be wrapped inside a plugin. It’s the same as GoURL - it’s always helps to get paid because completely free work isn’t sustainable. The GoURL equivalent I think is here - https://gourl.io/view/newurl/Cryptocoin_Monetiser_Make_Money_Online.html

GoURL lhas existing plugins for Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. and they’re free and downloadable from wordpress.org where you can read reviews & stuff. And even try (say their Bitcoin gateway for WooCommerce) it out yourself.
I read somewhere (last year) that they control the private key of the merchant’s address (understandable, but some people don’t like it).

Assuming they supported XCP, you could use any of these examples here:


I don’t know what you exactly mean by “CP based in the off-line world”. If you’re off-line then the transaction couldn’t use some on-line gateway such as GoURL. I know folks like @ebx had printed paper wallets, but I’m not familiar with how that stuff works and whether it could work for your requirement.

Thanks - and sorry for confusion there yes I mean online, but just not at a computer - i.e. out and about with only mobile tech …

I don’t know if XCP Wallet for Chrome could be packaged as a standalone app. Since Tokenly CMS does all the rest I think the ability to use XCP Wallet on mobile client would be great.
Too bad mobile Chrome doesn’t support extensions and won’t anytime soon: http://www.omgchrome.com/chrome-android-extensions-not-planned-ama/.

I am not a big mobile user (especially when it comes to bitcoin payments) so I would like to know what others think. Would it be helpful to have the Web site make it easy to copy a “pay now” URL to the clipboard which would the. Be pasted to Indiesquare to repopulate payment fields (address, amount, token)? Or is this already possible?

i think that some people would have that need, but i think what would be more valuable is shopping cart integration with wordpress, drupal, ext… as the payment pages of tokenly and coinvend already work very well.

Well, interested parties could collect close to 4 BTC for GoURL to make WooCommerce + XCP integration happen or maybe less if we created a bounty for someone to write one from scratch (although I’ve sunk some money into my GoURL votes I’d prefer the latter, maybe Tokenly would be interested in exchange for a community donation?).

Tokenly’s existing APIs could probably be used, and a payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce would need to be created to make use of the API.
Simple PayPal integration takes the user to PayPal’s site where payment is done and then the user is sent back. I think that would be easier and acceptable, at least initially.

May I just add … I remember a site which was featured on a very early LTB show with Adam, that was a techy book download site, that offered a floating BTC rate per download and when you clicked on the purchase it created an immediate wallet address to send to, plus when you sent it - the download was then available immediately on 0 conf’s. I can’t, for the life of me, remember this site - but I thought it was fantastic. And if this is something maybe that can be revisited for tokens rather than scaling into WP, Woo etc - maybe its a really excellent first step…

I will keep checking GOOG for the site…but if anyone remembers, please add… Thx!

I was selling copies of pre-indexed blockchain like that.
But for BTC, not for XCP.
I was using WooCommerce for that.

Adam’s Swapbot will have such integration.
You will be able to run WP and send people to Swapbot to pay and then return to your site to download, I think. See Swapbot FAQs for details. A small effort to hook WP into that will be needed for XCP and other tokens.

For BTC there are numerous WP plugins that allow that pay to download functionality.

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