Buying XCP on FreeWallet

Hi there, is the DEX currently functional? I’m using the desktop freewallet client on MacOS. I’ve purchased full access and have attempted to buy XCP with BTC a couple of times and the orders should be matching. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Yes the DEX is functional in freewallet desktop, No you do not need to buy a FULLACCESS anymore.

Buying something with BTC in on the DEX is a bit different than other assets on the dex in that you need to leave your freewallet desktop wallet OPEN to detect order matches and send BTC payment for the order matches within 20 blocks… otherwise the BTC order match will expire and the asset will go to the next person.

If your trying to SELL something for BTC, you can just set your sell order and forget about it… it is only BUYING something with BTC on the DEX that requires some additional steps.

Freewallet comes with Auto-BTCpay support, so when you place a buy order for BTC, you will be notified that you need to keep the wallet open, and you will need to check a box saying you understand that fact before you allowed to place the order.

TL;DR, leave freewallet desktop open if you want to buy something with BTC on the DEX

Thank you - bought a fullaccess token to support anyways. Thanks for all the great work you’re doing!

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Hello, I’ve just started using the DEX and Dispensers via Freewallet, and although the DEX orders with BTC appear difficult, dispenser transactions go pretty smoothly.

FWIW I just put up a dispenser for 265 XCP for a total price of 0.01 BTC. I plan to send more XCP over to freewallet from Zaif if the dispenser is emptied.

Good luck,

Thank you IJIN, please let me know if you send more.

Did you pick up those XCP? Nice. I suggest you also join the Counterparty Telegram Chat group. There is a bit more activity over there. Good to see interest in the project!!!

How much more on the dispenser were you planning to put up? Thanks so much and will join the telegram - thanks!

Hey! I sent over a few thousand more XCP, and I am thinking of doing lots of 1000 at a time. If those go I’ll pick up more at Zaif and sent them over.

Thanks, I don’t seem to see them yet on the open dispensers. What price did you place?

Hi I haven’t put the XCP dispenser up yet. I requested a withdrawal from zaif, but I think they have to manually remove them from cold storage. I should have it up in a day or two.