Vote for XCP to be supported by GoUrl Cryptcurrency payment gateway

There’s a coin voting going on at


  • GoUrl Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway works with a bunch of stuff (including WordPress) and about 10 coins currently
  • Users now can vote for their coin to prioritize it
  • Votes can be bought (yay!) at 0.0004 BTC/vote and 35K votes makes a coin automatic winner (~14 BTC)
  • The good news is the competition is not too strong. For example, the currently ranked #1 has just 1.2 BTC in votes

So head over there, find the Counterparty voting address and chip in. BTC only!

Demo of their gateway:

Edit: I bought some votes to move XCP from 0

Done. Good idea to vote for all of these kinds of things.

I first bought 149 votes, and today 124, now we have 273 paid votes, overall rank #4.

Make that 348 paid votes

I pushed XCP to #4 again. from 598 => 722.

Good job bit Bitshares over there, 120 free votes from the community and a nice pile of BTC for the paid votes.
They and Peercoin may get iplemented, although I’d give XCP better chances than Peercoin… Anyway as long as we’re near the top it shouldn’t take an eternity…

Bought 250 more votes…

I remember when people voted on btc38 and they just chickened out of it. Hope this one works out. Voted.

Yeah BTC38 didn’t work out, but personally I find this one comparatively more useful because of the WordPress payment plugin.
In this case voting doesn’t seem to help, only vote buying does…

this may be something good for us to invest in as we are building our marketplace and this could be very useful. let me look into how much i can put into for voting

I think so too.

There are some critics of the way this company’s plugins work (they may or may not have merit - I guess for many users they aren’t that relevant), but you could take a look at one existing plugin (say, BTC) to see for yourself (and if you give them a favorable rating they also can give you free vote points for Counterparty, so in a way the Counterparty Project gets paid for your due diligence :smile:)

I checked them out the other day, one (Peercoin) coin was implemented and there’s a few more to go before it’s our turn (assuming we don’t buy votes to speed it up). Personally I think they offer unique functionality because at the moment we can’t get WP/WooCommerce integration elsewhere.