Counterparty Merchant List

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’ve just recently discovered that our payment processor now officially supports Counterparty in their list, so I went ahead and included it in our shop.

The problem I can see now is that compared to other cryptocurrencies, there is no directory or list of merchants that officially accept XCP. I therefore propose to add a list or directory of businesses and merchants that are supporting Counterparty to the official website, similar to the project page that is already present (and an awesome tool if you’re new to the game).

This has already been successfully done for other big cryptocurrencies and I think it will benefit both parties equally :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering and see you later!

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Seems like an interesting idea.

What payment processor are you using? What’s your store?

We are using Coinpayments as our payment processor, as it allows for a very easy integration into WooCommerce and gives us an easy time overall :slight_smile: is our shop! We were also playing around with the idea of giving a permanent discount if someone chooses to pay with cryptocurrencies or Counterparty in particular if this is something that would incentivize the usage of crypto for real, everyday things more! What do you guys think?

I hope that building the bridge towards possibility of crypto-purchases of everyday useful stuff makes the transition from traditional payment methods easier and help everyone save a buck here or there and promotes the overall movement towards a more decentralized financial lifestyle.

Anyone else that wants to comment or chime in? :slight_smile:

I think a list of merchants and exchange services is a great idea. I’ll try to add any Counterparty services I hear about to this page for tracking purposes until a page is built out on the main site. recently added support for Counterparty (XCP) recently added support for Counterparty (XCP)