Forum issues

This discussion was created from comments split from: Im new to this; i just made my new coin.

Am I the only one who sees an empty post? 

sorry dont know what is goingg on its only writing it if i write in bold

The forum s/w leaves a lot to be desired… 

I think PhantomPhreak’s post from few days ago also ended up empty…

Feel free to write in bold or click on the small white icon with <> (leftmost in the editor) to write in HTML.
Then just enter one line like below and type the rest normally (and use simple HTML formatting if you need formatted text).

The forum is terrible, the skype chat is limited, and now the discussion is spread across like 4 different pages and chats. I think its really diluting the community… Sigh, oh well.

See my comment here:

We could improve the situation (solve this issue and also others raised on that topic) by moving to Discourse.