Overhaul Bounty

Wanted to start a thread for ideas on updating The UI esepcially needs some love, but let’s detail a list of things we want updated and set a bounty. The site uses javascript/html/css as far as I know so shouldn’t be a ton of work. I’ve recently tried out the Waves Lightclient and really liked the flat interface and everything being on one page with little scrolling. This is important now that most of our addresses have many assets.

Please add changes you would enjoy seeing in the revamped site.


  1. Inform the user about the fee/cost. The manual ‘high’ / ‘low’ choice is not sufficient. Before broadcasting the final transaction, the fee should be shown and the user shall have the option to confirm or decline. Ideally the USD amount will show as well.

  2. Fix the sweep. If cannot fix it as is, maybe rather link to a javascript tool? You may fork my version and host it on the Counterwallet server. Another option is to make a new wallet from a private key, i.e. have the option to use 12 word passphrase or a private key. I don’t know how complicated this will be and whether the quick access url would work for a private key.

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How much do you think we should raise for the UI overhaul?

I’m not familiar with bounty rates but I think this should be a very high priority.

TBH, CW pisses me off sometimes. Especially when the fee is $$$ - that I find out about only after I’ve already sent (not all transactions have a custom fee option - and anyway, 99% of users don’t know how to use it and the ‘low fee’ option is not really ‘low’). Random logouts are also really annoying. Not to mention the sweep that more often than not does not work…

I don’t know how many users we’ve lost from CW bugs, but judging from support tickets I bet it’s quite a lot.

@jdogresorg How much do you think we should spend?
@chiguireitor Maybe you know some programmers who could be interested?

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Gotta check if i can find ppl in for the money that can fix the CW bugs… will ping back if i find any

Any news - guys?