[For sale] 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle GLDAGOAAAAAAA *24 hr discount*

[font=verdana]As part of the experiment, I’m offering for sale my digital 0.5 ounce Gold American Eagle for sale at a discount to current prices on Agora.[/font]

The price on the DEX is 1.5 BTC which is at a discount from current Agora price of 1.6270.

Get in quick. The order expires in 144 blocks (~24 hours)!

You will have full rights to redeem the gold coin or to sell it on



This is an excellent Offer and we can vouch for Global_trade_repo’s reputation for immediate response.

You may find Proof of Custody of this coin here: http://bitcointangibletrust.com/assets/

In celebration of the launch of Counterwallet on mainnet, I’ve extended my offer for another 144 blocks. Get your gold coin at a celebratory price!