[ANN] Digital Tangible (Soft Re-Launch): Buy & Trade Precious Metals w/ BTC

DigitalTangible launched in April (as BitcoinTangibleTrust) with Counterparty to test a proof-of-concept: Would gold-linked digital assets trade on crypto exchanges and could it be made more broadly available to a wider audience outside of cryptocurrencies?

Our hypothesis for this product:
After 3 months of testing, we believe there’s a broader market for Counterparty tokens of this kind. Our mission is to digitize all valuable gold assets into the Counterparty platform and to build a reputable service that delivers unmatched ability to access asset markets, globally via trading with our exchange partners or independently on the Counterwallet DEX.

[size=3]Check out our new look: http://www.digitaltangibletrust.com[/size]

Our value propositions are:
[li]    Buy gold or silver with cash or BTC from our trusted vendors[/li]
[li]    Receive and trade gold tokens at an exchange or sell your gold tokens for bitcoins[/li]
[li]    Secure your gold under bonded and insured custody with daily Proof of Custody Reporting[/li]
[/list]Marketplace of current gold vendors:
Buy your gold with BTC through a number of vendors on our marketplace. We hope this makes it easier for you to shop for the best gold prices and even new offers. We’re building out the marketplace to provide you with the largest selection of Bitcoin-friendly gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Agora Commodities is still live with us and leading the way by offering their entire catalog on our new site. Additional vendors will be announced in the coming weeks and we will be adding more assets beyond precious metals, as well.

Take delivery of your gold or place in custody with our custodians:
After making your gold purchase with DigitalTangible, you have the option to have your order delivered or placed in secured custody. We’re offering free custody for the first 100 customers who choose to work with us. Here’s why custody matters –

Trade gold and bitcoin in new markets:
When you purchase gold through us and place it in our partner’s depository, we issue gold tokens against the proof of purchase. You can then trade your gold tokens on a number of exchanges, trading in/out of altcoins, bitcoins, or other precious metals.

Our customer’s gold tokens currently trade on Poloniex here: https://www.poloniex.com/exchange/btc_gold.
This proof of concept has been trading for the past 3 -4  months and the values for gold still hold and profit opportunities exist for profit taking.

Special thanks to the following Counterparty community members:
[li]    The entire Counterparty Team. You guys are just amazing![/li]
[li]    Busoni owner of Poloniex for making this first a reality![/li]
[li]    sparta_cuss for critiquing our model and advising us on proper risk management[/li]
[li]    led_cd for helping us launch our first gold and silver into custody[/li]
[li]    porqupine who continues to set high standards we must achieve for greater quality and reliability[/li]
[li]    Agora Commodities, International Depository Services, and the other vendors coming online in August.[/li]
Our history: Posted on Counterparty forums in March

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