[ANN] Trade 1/10 Oz Goldcoins on Poloniex with BitcoinTangibleTrust

[color=blue]Product and Service Updates April 15, 2014[/color]
Our mission is to digitize all valuable assets into the Counterparty platform and to build a trustless, yet reputable service that delivers unmatched ability to access asset markets, globally.

[color=blue]Bitcoin Tangible Trust Real Gold coins trading live on Poloniex[/color]
We have soft-launched trading of our 1/10 Troy Oz goldcoins on Poloniex. You may trade coins live here: https://poloniex.com/exchange/btc_gold. All gold available for trading is secured into custody and can be indepdently verified here: http://bitcointangibletrust.com/assets/ 

NOTE: Special thanks to the following Counterparty community members:
[list type=disc]
[li]Busoni owner of Poloniex for making this first a reality![/li]
[li]sparta_cuss for critiquing our model and advising us proper deployment[/li]
[li]led_cd for helping us launch our first gold and silver into custody[/li]
[li]porqupine who continues to set high standards we must achieve for greater quality and reliability[/li]
MARKET MAKER OFFER: If you’re actively trading on Poloniex and you’d like more revenue opportunities, please send me a PM. We’re creating a marketmaker network where you’ll be able to trade free of fees if you make a market in our goldcoins. Yes. No Fee trading! PM me if interested!

[color=blue]Bitcoin Tangible Silver coins in custody[/color]
10 Silver Coins purchased with Bitcoin Tangible Trust process and Counterparty community member led_cd/Global_trade Repo:
We received and published Proof of Custody from DSD for led_cd’s Silver purchases. You may review the proof of custody here: http://bitcointangibletrust.com/assets/

Bitcoin Tangible Trust Team
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can this be traded on the dex. do you have an counterparty asset?

It would be nice if i could buy gold this way like i would with an ETF

[quote author=knircky link=topic=256.msg1949#msg1949 date=1397630654]
can this be traded on the dex. do you have an counterparty asset?

It would be nice if i could buy gold this way like i would with an ETF

Yeah! This can be traded on the DEX, but there’s no easy Asset Discovery on Counterwallet, right now, so we don’t make trades on the Dex as yet.

The only difference between us and an ETF is that we don’t redeem to cash, only the physical asset, gold etc. So, if you don’t care about taking cash in a checking account, you can definitely trade with us.

If you’d like to help us make a market for GOLDDTT on the Dex, let me know with a PM. I’m sure we can work something out and get some tests running!