Explanation please

I recently went to buy some xcp from counterwallet. I saw a sell order and decided to purchase. I clicked purchase but instead of buying the xcp it placed a “buy” order at 1 sat lower, no it wasn’t a mistake on my end either, I double checked the price. I lost a portion of BTC fees for posting up a buy order, which is unusual to me. I then decided to cancel my order and was again charged a btc fee but seemingly never got my refund. Not to mention there is no place to view tranactions, fees, or anything. Very poor poor wallet/exchange IMO. Transfered .09 btc into counterwallet and ended up transferring only .065 out. So from .09 to .065 with a buy order, a cancel, and a transfer out = less than desirable results.

Does counterwallet really charge you to place order? To cancel orders? and where can I find any transaction history?

Yes BTC exchange at counterwallet is bad. It is better to exchange for XCP first at e.g. Bittrex. Then transfer to counterwallet and exchange for other assets not available on Bittrex.

Buy or sell orders in counterwallet are directly written to the blockchain, also cancel orders which each cost fee. That is different to other exchanges.

You need to adjust the transaction fee to use a custom low fee. But with current high BTC prices the best time to do any transaction or oders is weekends.