Experiments with adding multiple addresses to different CW wallet instances

  • Log on to one CW instance (e.g. https://testnet.counterwallet.io)
    It is important to note that I had 3 addresses with non-empty balances before I started this experiment.
  • Add several Regular Addresses (say, so that I have 6).
  • Send some funds from one of the old addresses to the 5th address (so that addresses 4 and 6 remain empty).
  • Log out.

What happens next depends where I access my wallet.

  • I logged on to the same server and all addresses were there (including the empty ones) and they were shown in the same exact order (as expected). I did not encounter the “disappearing address” issue.
  • I also logged on to another CW server (https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/?testnet=1) and there I saw only 3 “old” addresses while the empty addresses 4 and 6, as well as a new address with a non-zero balance, were missing).
  • I manually added 3 new regular addresses and the addresses 4, 5 and 6 reappeared. I don’t understand why the old 3 addresses were there, but the 5th (the fist non-empty address after that) didn’t. Maybe because CW looks through the list and stops before the first address with a zero balance (address 4, in this case).

Then I picked another wallet (also, with 3 existing non-empty addresses), created 3 new addresses and sent some tokens from the first address to addresses 4 and 5 (so that the first 5 were non-empty, and the last one was empty). I did this on Coindaddy’s instance.
Then I logged on to counterwallet.io and the first 5 addresses were shown which is in line with the idea that CW looks through the list (which is always in the same order) and stops scanning when it finds an empty address.

In another test I created a new wallet on https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/?testnet=1, sent some funds to the first address, added 3 more, and then sent some funds from the first to the 3rd address (so that addresses 2 and 4 were empty). When I logged on to Counterwallet.io, only the first address was shown. I had to add 2 addresses until the 3rd address (with a non-empty balance) showed up.

I have not encountered a case in which addresses weren’t shown and all preceding addresses were non-empty.

It would appear that:
a) Addresses show up in predetermined order (as listed by Counterwallet Helper)
b) CW stops showing addresses added from another instance of CW if they are preceded by a new address with a zero balance.
In that case the user needs to add New Regular Address to get CW to show the address that’s not showing. In the meantime a better approach would be to use addresses in order in which they’re added - that would ensure that each non-empty address is preceded by another non-empty address.

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