Having issues with within my wallet

I Tried to send funds to address in same wallet ,but get error,thats probably not a biggie.My problem is that new addresses #6 - #20 apeared.Is there a way to delete these adresses as i dont want it there.Also when i refresh i am logged out.Really like to remove that option too as i keep forgetting then i must login again.

The bug with many addresses is still unresolved, sorry… If you login to CoinDaddy’s CounterWallet server you shouldn’t see the extra addresses, but I don’t know of a way to get around the bug on the server on which it surfaces.

The refresh behavior probably cannot be changed without negatively impacting security (otherwise closing a browser window, or even the browser itself, wouldn’t log you out, which would require users to wipe clean their browser cache every time they leave Counterwallet).

I thought i was on coindaddy’s counterparty wallet https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/#
So is there a way to delete the addresses manually?

I assumed you used Counterwallet.io
Right, there is no way to get them out of view (one the same server) once they appear.
Last time Counterwallet.io was reinstalled it helped those who had empty addresses showing, but it also removed address labels for those who used them, so having automated wipe-out of server cache isn’t acceptable workaround.

Ok I see your problem.
Maybe a delete address feature easiest workaround .
I only noticed now that all tose addresses are multisig’s. And the maximum to a wallet is twenty. I am expecting a deposit on three of those addresses i named,just wondering how this multisig is going to affect if i want to withdraw and who can sign seeing i never created them in the first place.

For all native addresses in your wallet you can get the private key for each and every one of them, so whichever address receives, you should be able to use received funds.

If you receive funds at a multisig address (say, 2-2), and you have access to the both addresses, you’ll be okay, but you’ll have to figure out the exact procedure in the GUI (I haven’t used multisig transactions in CW, but as long as you control the addresses required to release the funds, you can always get your funds out). You can also try the procedure in advance using testnet (https://counterwallet.io/?testnet=1) with “fake” tokens (get them from a bitcoin faucet, then send to a wallet address) so that you can confirm it works before you get funds on mainnet.

.I cant see 2-2 or whatever,i only see on blockcain its a multsig and can see one Private Key (WIF) .I will play around with testnet like u suggest ,but now im worried as the transactions is on blockchain and tokens already confirmed to those addresses.Maybe i can give ownership to another address i make in a new wallet.Getting expensive with all the fees im paying here

They wallet will always be there no matter what, even if you cant see them. You could always retrieve the private keys by going here to if needed:


It will display up to 99 of the addresses associated with you wallet. You can even run this offline WHICH IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED, never run private key scans online. I agree that the counterwallet is very very buggy which is why i am happy to see so many third party services like the one above. Good things take time remember, the only thing really wrong with counterparty right now is the wallet GUI, and hopefully that gets updated soon.

Also this is a good example as to why i only use up to the first 3 addresses in any counterwallet just in case. I think i have somewhere around 50 different Counterwallets with different kinds as assets in each. I recommend that for good practice. You could also try the Tokenly Pockets wallet or the Mobile wallet