Every time a commission grows

When I issue a warrant for sale, the commission fee grows each time, I replenished the balance btc 3 times, tell me what to do? Sorry for my English

You can set the fees for your transaction. Depending on the height, it will be processed faster or slower. Currently the BTC network is quite full and transaction cost are high. I hope that the activation of Segwit (possibly tomorrow) will easen the problem and lower costs for transactions.

If you want to know how you can adjust fees, let us know which wallet you are using (counterwallet? Book of Orbs?..)

Hello, when orders are created they only last about 6 days then you have to pay to post the order on the blockchain and that cost another fee. This system is not very efficient. wastes alot of money

There’s a setting for that (though well hidden and not very user friendly).

I believe you’ll need to set this every time you login.