Games, Lotteries, Randomness - Features we want?

Technically it’s quite easy to add randomized payouts. Is this something you’d use if it were available?

Let’s explore possibilities

  • Even today it’s possible to bet on a dice roll. Alice escrows 1 XCP. Bob escrows 5 XCP. Charlie the oracle broadcasts a dice roll. If the dice lands on six, Alice get the 1+5=6 XCP, else Bob gets everything.
  • The easiest improvement would be to automate Charlie. If he were part of the protocol, then Alice and Bob wouldn’t need to trust this Charlie.
  • Bob could be automated too. Then Alice could play anytime without a human counterpart. I’ve outlined this in a Counterparty Improvement Proposal.
  • Only XCP can be used. Should we upgrade to allow any asset? It could be any asset against any other asset. E.g. one PEPE against another, or against XCP or against itself.
  • Or maybe it’s better to create a whole new transaction type?
  • A booster pack sale would be useful, right? E.g. you can place an offer such that for 3 XCP you receive 10 random cards.
  • How about a pooled escrow? Anyone can transfer a token to a pool, and one random winner receives the entire pot?
  • Something else?

I’m looking for suggestions that

  1. Will be used a lot
  2. Technically as clean as possible
  3. General enough for several use cases
  4. Popular enough to raise money for development
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