Error trying to withdraw SCJX

So I’m having issues trying to withdraw my SCJX, getting this error…

Sorry, we got an error when trying to do the requested action: 'JSON-RPC Error:

Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: Odd-length string
’ (API method: create_send).

Has anyone else had this issue before? I have enough btc for transfers so not exactly sure what the issue is. There is a “Lock” icon on my SCJX which is odd but I just want to move this to my ethereum wallet. Any help or ideas would be great.

SJCX is a Counterparty asset which runs on Bitcoin

STORJ is a Ethereum asset which runs on Ethereum

You can not sent SJCX to an ethereum address… just like you can’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address.

What you probably want to do is
1.) Move your SJCX to an exchange like
2.) Sell your SJCX for BTC or ETH
3.) Buy some STORJ tokens on an exchange
4.) Withdraw the STORJ tokens to your ethereum wallet address.