Error sending BTC

When i try to withdrawal btc to adreess said problem with JSON-RPC ERROR, i cant do nothing!

Try another time, another Counterwallet, a mobile Counterparty compatible wallet, Looney’s Chrome add on wallet, or CounterTools.

i still can´t move the BTC, i must create another account in counterparty wallet and try to send the btc there?

Creating another wallet won’t help you if the BTC’s are in your other wallet.

In the new wallet you could try to “import” BTC’s from address in the first wallet, but it is likely you would have the same error (which is probably caused by the Bitcoin blockchain being too busy due to a spam attack going on these days).

Other tools mentioned above are more likely to work because they use different Bitcoin back-ends, some of which run on more powerful servers owned by commercial operators. But it doesn’t cost anything to create another wallet and try to import coins from the first wallet, so you are welcome to try that.