Can't send any asset or BTC or see my history

I’ve been seeking help on another thread but still no luck and can’t move any of my BTC or assets to any address (including the BitX address I sent the BTC from). I am not one for whom patience is a virtue.

Here is the error report I get:

Sorry, we got an error when trying to do the requested action: 'JSON-RPC Error:
Type: Server error

Code: -32000

Message: Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: timed out

’ (API method: create_send).

And some lines of code that seem strange, though I really don’t know a thing:

[23/6/2015 1:9:18.958] Address discovery: Generating address 4 of 4 (num_addresses_used) (75%) – 1CwbkA83FadTgmrU15vyVKQzjtTXGakU6d
counterwallet-deps-min.js:405 [23/6/2015 1:9:18.974] message received: connect - data:undefined
counterwallet-deps-min.js:405 [23/6/2015 1:9:18.975] Connected to server:
[23/6/2015 1:9:19.75] Preferences updated/generated during login. Updating on server(s)…
Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check
counterwallet-min.js:13 1NC5MjkWoixJjW4yxu74mPyiA821Z5gxvA

I looked at the website, but haven’t a hope of understanding it at the moment…

Also, I have been through the other threads, am using, have restarted my computer, have tried re-opening the wallet in incognito mode a number of times, and have used both the qucik-access url and signed in the long way (just in case). None of it has made a difference.

Edit: Downloaded the android app and was able to move both SWARMCOIN and BTC from there. Any ideas on when you’ll be able to see multiple addresses in the wallet?

@Andy_Tudhope I just sent 1 XCP from one address to another using
It seems occasionally a component of Counterparty on the Counterwallet server (hosted by Counterparty) times out. Currently it’s working fine.

Counterwallet is still very buggy, I would suggest using the chrome extension that i have had zero problems with

Its a great tool for just using counterparty assets, though you cannot create assets through it, using the assets works perfectly. This is the best wallet to use for new comers

hey @FoldingCoin thanks for that - have set it up and am an immediate fan. How long should it take for an asset to clear the pending tab? Been waiting for about a day now?

And how do I get a magic word for LTB? Do I have to ask real nice?

:smiley: You have to listen to the episodes, each podcast on LTB has a magic word. I will give you my last episodes as a teaser, but never again:


But you should still listen to the epsiode, my podcast is XCP exclusively related:

can you provide me with your BTC address?

The counterwallet one, or a different one I use? I am going through the episodes now and have found one magic word so far :slight_smile: thanks!