Common problems, issues and workarounds (2014/10/03)

* User places an order to sell BTC (i.e. he is buying something for BTC). Hours later, nothing happens (because the order has not been matched yet - most likely it's sitting on the Distributed Exchange waiting to be matched and can be cancelled).
* User places an order to sell BTC and logs out prematurely. Nothing happens (because the order may have been matched, but he was not online, so Counterwallet could not deduct BTC from his account to make BTC_Pay on his behalf).

This KB article explains some aspects of placing and cancelling orders on the DEx.

* User sends money to his favorite crypto-exchange, and nothing happens for hours. This has nothing to do with Counterwallet and can be checked using or (enter your (sender) address and see that the transaction has been completed probably within 30-60 min). Some exchanges have special procedures and it can take hours for tokens to arrive to one's exchange account.