Download and creation of Counterparty DB is too slow!

You can download the Counterparty DB to save some time.

  • Stop counterparty-server using CTRL+C or (Federated node) sudo stop sv counterparty (counterparty-testnet for a testnet instance).
  • Backup your current counterparty DB files (you can create a subdirectory and move them to it). Be careful not to delete your wallet or other important files that you may have there. Also do not do this when you have pending orders and transactions.
  • Download bootstrap files (see How do I get started developing on Counterparty?)
  • Decompress the downloaded archive (gunzip + tar) in the place where your database files were located and give the files correct ownership
  • Start counterparty server


  • Your bitcoin blockchain must be up to date for this to work.
  • This is intended for new Counterparty setups.
  • Counterblock Federated Node has a bootstrap command that automates this procedure.