From where can I download counterpartyd.9.db dump?

Can I download this file from somewhere and speedup the slow process of indexing the blocks?

I think this should work if you can get it from someone.  But I am not sure how you can verify that it’s a valid dump.

Do we need a way to verify it with valid checkpoints in the future?

It is like super slow to load the mainnet. it is like 5 sec. a block. while on testnet it is 10 blocks a sec.
I know that the blocks on the mainnet are much bigger but there has to be a faster way to load the blockchain, it is much slower than actually load the bitcoin blockchain it self, and the counterpartyd is working locally and we are only few months from the start.

I checked that a copy of the counterpartyd.9.db files works even when copied between Windows and Linux.  I copied all three counterpartyd.9.db files since I am not sure which is needed.

It would help tremendously if an admin/trusted user can provide a download link.

Or I can try something…

[quote author=GLaDOS link=topic=190.msg1380#msg1380 date=1395199010]
It would help tremendously if an admin/trusted user can provide a download link.


Here’s my copy of counterpartyd.9 up to block 291275 (lucky file id 150000 too!):

The sha256sum:

It contains these three files:

I’ve been thinking a little more about this minor problem.

Let’s say we’re up to version 100 when we need to rebuild a Counterparty db from scratch a few years from now.  By then, we could be using different database back ends or the parsing could be unwieldy for many users.

How can we verify that a “trusted” server is running our expected counterwalletd back end?
It seems like we must always be running the latest or be able to verify that most users of the Counterparty system is running the same version.

Would maintaining a global hash of all valid transactions help?


Alice downloads Counterparty version 100 and parses all transactions up to block#500000.  The running hash would just be a hash of “version#100” with all the valid transaction data.

Bob is running Counterparty version 99, only changes the version# from 99 to 100 instead of updating, and also parses to block#500000.  Now if all the transactions in version 99 are also valid in version 100, then the running hashes for Alice and Bob should be the same since they both start with the “version#100” hash.

Charlie downloads Counterparty version 100, downloads Bob’s parsed data, check the running hash with his online wallets, triple check his running hash with his trusted friend Alice, and continue parsing from block#500000.  Is Charlie’s db safe?

There is nothing to stop people from running all the different versions.  Is there a way to make it safer by linking a running hash to all Counterparty txns?