Counterparty problem in the local

Hello dear.

I set up my own Counterparty “Federated Node” system, on Ubuntu20.04.
As all requirements Hardware / OS requirements.
But I have got some problems.
I tried with the guide

  1. Bitcoin is syncing now from fednode tail bitcoin-testnet
    but I don’t find /root/.bitcoin/testnet3/blocks/index .
    How do I know the sync progress?

  2. I have run fednode exec bitcoin-testnet bitcoin-cli getpeerinfo
    Then I have got this error.
    error: Could not connect to the server
    Make sure the bitcoind server is running and that you are connecting to the correct RPC port.

  3. I have got this result from fednode tail counterpaty-testnet.

Is right?
Someone please help on this.

the fednode install documentation clearly states that first Bitcoin has to sync… then addrindexrs has to sync… THEN counterparty will sync.

My gut says you didn’t read the documentation online and are expecting addrindexrs (backend) to be up immediately, which is not the case

Please review and read ALL of the documentation at Running a Node | Counterparty