Dispensing multiple assets with one transaction

Hi guys,

How do I setup a dispenser that will dispense one asset and multiple sub-assets all at once? Do I need to use a specific wallet as I don’t see such functionality in FreeWallet?


you simply setup multiple dispensers on the same address and quite often at the same price… tho be careful, because a single BTC payment can trigger multiple dispensers.

Say you wanted a single 0.01 BTC payment to result in 3 token dispenses

  1. Setup dispenser A to dispense 1 token A at 0.01 BTC
  2. Setup dispenser B to dispense 1 token B at 0.01 BTC
  3. Setup dispenser C to dispense 1 token C at 0.01 BTC

You now have 3 token dispensers setup on the same address.

Now when a user sends a single 0.01 BTC payment to your address, it triggers all 3 dispensers, and the user gets token A, B, and C all for a single 0.01 BTC payment.


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