Creating one dispenser for multiple assets in one transaction

I know there is a way to setup a dispenser that will dispense multiple assets in one transaction. However when dealing with larger quantities of assets (like more than 10) setting that up can get very time consuming and these days it can get very pricey as well.

So it would be nice if there was a feature that would allow us to setup a multiple asset dispenser in one transaction versus having to do so manually for various assets (similar to the sweep function already in place). I myself have my own collection of 50 flags where I would have to do 50 individual transactions just to setup a dispenser to dispense those 50 flags in one transaction. I feel this is going to become increasingly needed as more and more sellers are building larger and larger collections like 70 Simpsons cards :wink: or even collections seen within the Stamps community.

Not possible at the moment to set up 50 dispensers without manually setting up each one OR running a custom script that generates 50 btc/xcp transactions.

I am working on a solution will make it possible to do multiple xcp transactions at once (including setting up 50 dispensers) but I have not published a formal CIP yet. Compressed XCP Transactions – JP Janssen


This would be a great CIP!