Decentralized Exchange from BTC to our Asset token

Hi there. Currently I created a new asset called CANTOKEN via counterparty and I am using FreeWallet mobile app as the user.

Now my question, if someone else transfer to me in btc to my FreeWallet btc. Agree my btc value/balance will increase. Assume I have no CANTOKEN is my FreeWallet app. However can I as the user buy or exchange that btc to our asset CANTOKEN. Without the issuer doing this for manually for him

Remember buy/exchange from BTC to CANTOKEN

FreeWallet mobile does not currently have support for the DEX.

You can take your 12-word passphrase from freewallet mobile and login to or download FreeWallet Desktop from and use your 12-word passphrase there.

Once your using a wallet which supports the Decentralized EXchange (DEX) you can list your asset for sale and exchange it for BTC.