Counterparty Updates (links to news posts)

This is a thread dedicated to posting Counterparty community and development updates. Whenever a new post is published on I’ll update the thread with a link.

Here’s a list of most recent posts (in descending order):

Counterparty Community Update, Nov 25 -
Top 10 Q&A From Counterparty’s Reddit AMA -
Counterparty Recreates Ethereum’s Smart Contract Platform on Bitcoin -
Counterparty Development Update #3: Multisig in Counterwallet, counterpartyd Development & more -
Counterparty Community Update, November 19th: AMA, Smart Contracts, From the Web & more -

Counterparty Development Update #4: Multisig addresses & free asset names in Counterwallet, and more -

Counterparty Community Update, Dec 04 — Launch of the #Counterparty Foundation, Development Updates & more -

Counterparty Development Update #5 : Multisig & Free Asset Support on Mainnet, New Client Versions & More : 

Counterparty Foundation Membership Benefits -

New Membership Benefits: SMS Notifications and Members Logo -

Counterparty Community Update, Dec 10 -

Counterparty Development Update #6 - New Client Versions, Release Process, Counterwallet Features & More -

Counterparty Community Update, Dec 17: Improved Release Process, Foundation News & More -

Counterparty Development Update #7: Improved Release Process, New Counterparty WIki & More -

Counterparty Community Update, Dec 24: New Hire, Exposure In Foreign Media, Development Updates & More -

Counterparty Development Update #8: Code Refactoring, Fixed BTC Dividends and Socket Timeout Issues -

Counterparty Community Update, Dec 31: Counterparty Merchandise Store, Shutting Down the Old Wiki, v9.49.3 & More -

Counterparty Development Update: counterpartyd v9.49.3, New Features in Counterwallet, New counterblockd & More -

Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the Counterparty Project. Happy Birthday Counterparty!

Counterparty Community Update, Jan 07: Future Plans, New Third-Party Tools, Dev Updates & More

Counterparty Development Update #10: New Counterwallet Release, Desktop Wallet Development & More

Counterparty Community Update, Jan 14: Hackathon Win, Counterwallet FAQ, Dev Updates & More

Counterparty Development Update #11: Separating counterpartyd, Improved Dependency Management & More

Counterparty Community Update, Jan 21: Board of Directors Meeting, Foundation Giveaway Campaign & More