Is there any utilizable contracts ready?

In particular I’m interested in the possibility to develope the same BitShare’s BitAsset infrastructure on Bitcoin, and I already know this is possible also from this confirmation about it of a month ago on Reddit AMA.

I think that if bitcoin is really the best way to transfer value to different spaces everybody knows it’s bad for storing value overtime, and this is a way not only to fix this problem but also to - theoretically - create the first “economic basket” pegged currency. And obviously anybody will be able to choose their own economic basket.

Yes. Examples:

I believe this is (similar to) what you are looking for:
"Hedged zero-supply dollar implementation"

(There is also a lottery, and some other contracts out there:

P.S. Counterparty smart contracts are 100% compatible with Ethereum smart contracts

Oh, excuse me I explain me awful, I mean, I know how to find already implemented contracts, this is the official repository:

What I’m looking for is how to run that contracts on counterparty implementations, is there any tutorial/manual?

PS I already find that contracts some weeks ago and I have still to read it, but seems really near what I’m looking for! ;D

This is a short guide to get started:

Here is the develop version of Counterparty that has smart contracts enabled, you can install it but it’s a bit technical and may have bugs (contracts work fully, but it’s undergoing heavy development and security auditing):

The XCP team is working on tutorials and info resources to make this accessible. Post any questions, ideas or suggestions you may have. That would be much appreciated.

Oh thanks, I hope that manuals are already out and ready, I don’t know if I will have the time to get how this works by myself, especially if some actual documentation - I already know the first link -  will be ready soon.

Anyway if I will test it I will give any useful feedback.

Is the tutorial to make contracts on bitcoin ready now?

From @adamkrellenstein

We’d like to give a quick update where things are at regarding offering the full Ethereum smart contracts functionality on Counterparty mainnet:

Currently we’re in a bit of a holding pattern in finishing up the implementation, due to the fact that Ethereum itself is still under heavy testing and development, and its consensus system is still rather centralized. On top of this, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which provides the execution environment for the smart contracts, is not ready for prime-time from both a security and maturity of features standpoint. Before we add the EVM into Counterparty mainnet, we’d like to see much more security testing around it, as putting an insecure and still-rapidly-evolving EVM implementation live into mainnet would have severe consequences to the existing Counterparty ecosystem.

Once Ethereum’s own implementations are more mature, stable and tested (with at least a few formal security audits behind it), we will be able to complete the Counterparty implementation. At that point, porting it over to Counterparty should be very straightforward.