Cant log in, loading bar just spins forever

Enter my phrase and hit log in, it prompts with the TOS, I hit accept, and it just sits on the Javascript loading bar forever. Tried FF and Chrome, both have same problem. URL I’m using is Any suggestions?

I’ve also tried logging in via the quick access URL, same problem.

Console output:

counterwallet-deps-min.js?v=97632310d8ae:457 [20/7/2016 14:5:48.873] Backend is ready. Testnet status: false. Last message feed index: 1736467. CW last message seq: 16175
counterwallet-deps-min.js?v=97632310d8ae:457 [20/7/2016 14:5:48.879] My wallet ID: REMOVED FOR PRIVACY, NOT SURE IF THIS IS PRIVATE INFO?=
counterwallet-deps-min.js?v=97632310d8ae:457 [20/7/2016 14:5:49.157] Stored preferences NOT found on server(s). Creating new…
counterwallet-deps-min.js?v=97632310d8ae:457 [20/7/2016 14:5:50.865] Address discovery: Generating address 1 of 1 (num_addresses_used) (0%) – 16UxfN93C3mfUWcMCbk4kuGuZAYF8wGUi9 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (Gateway Time-out)
counterwallet-deps-min.js?v=97632310d8ae:457 [20/7/2016 14:6:51.138] Got an error when trying to sync BTC balances: error

I cannot log in either with any browser on mac. Everything worked on Monday, but I have not been able to log in for almost 24 hours.

I alsohave the same issue here whats going on?