- I will give domain to whoever intends to develop it

If you’re interested in the domain - please let me know. I will give it to you, granted you’re committed to developing it.

It’s NOT sufficient to reply that you want it. You’ll need to prove commitment, e.g. by making a small donation to the CP Foundation.

Instead of direct donation to the Counterparty Foundation, maybe the person has to burn some XCP to prove commitment?

I think it’s a good idea to donate to the foundation since it’s a non-profit, open-source and the donations go towards development. Or you can donate it to the bug bounty on

Also you could even put up a github bounty yourself, etc.

Burning XCP is kind of wasteful, when there is so much you could do.

I sent you a PM on Reddit.

How exactly is burning XCP wasteful? By burning XCP, and thus lowering the supply, the value of XCP goes up. It’s somewhat like a donation to everyone that is part of the Counterparty community, as the value of their XCP increases.


@Jure_Kralj - I will give priority to those who have been active in the forums. If no one else shows interest within a few days, I will give it to you provided you show commitment by donating at least 10 XCP to the foundation.

I may be interested in that domain, I already have, but i have been looking into the new TLDs to possibly have something like as the websiteas i hate the name of mine currently.

I may be interested in collaborating with someone on this should they want it. And JP, if you are looking for someone to handle the domain with care, i trust you as a community member to do that. What if you just pointed the domain to whoever builds a great website for it that way you still own it if the website is not being maintained well. Then over time when you feel comfortable, you could give full ownership to the web founder.

Also if you would like, i can post something on the front page of linking back here and stating that someone needs to take it over, and you can temporarily link it to my site, just a thought :smiley:

I gave the domain to Robert Ross / Folding Coin. He’s one of our most committed community members and I’m happy to transfer him the domain.

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Sounds good! I am active on Bitcointalk (the official XCP thread), and active in Reddit’s XCP community. For some reason I haven’t posted here … just lurked without an account.

If you would still like to help develop this site i would very much enjoy that :smiley:

Here is the site i will probably just port over to

If you have either a better idea/suggestions for this site then i am all ears :smiley: