Counterparty Community Update, July 19: Bitcoin 0.11, Decentralized Card Exchange, Atlantic Merchant Capital Updates & More

Here you go. This one was written by Nicola. Great job Nicola!

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We’re back with our regular community updates!

One small clarification: at the moment Bitcoin Core 0.11 with addrindex patch (required for Counterparty) has not yet been tagged as released, but source code is available here: (branch name may change, though).
Once this release is tagged, it will be available in the usual place:

Thanks for clarifying that @something. I don’t know if it’s worth correcting that in the post, I’m hopping the release is a couple of days away anyway :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s matter of days before packages become available.

(Everyone, but especially those who use other systems (i.e. not Windows or Linux on x86 or x64 CPUs) can build from source now since for those less popular OS and architectures binary packages won’t be available anyway.)