Bitcoin Core 0.13 addrindex available for testing and feedback

  • Beta version of Bitcoin with addrindex patch based on 0.13.2 is available for testing with Counterparty server (and your apps)
  • Get it at the usual place (btcdrak’s repo). At the moment you have to build it yourself. For that use Bitcoin Core build docs
  • Feedback can be submitted here or in the Counterparty Slack. Bugs can be submitted to btcdrak’s Bitcoin Core addrindex repo.

I’m running 0.13.2-addrindex with no problems so far.

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Niiice. I just installed mine, now going (one more time) through Release Notes for Bitcoin Core 0.13.

I’ll post my findings here.

So far I’ve found this:

Bitcoin Core 0.13: “Newly created wallets will use hierarchical deterministic key generation according to BIP32 (keypath m/0’/0’/k’). Existing wallets will still use traditional key generation.”

This seems to be the same as CounterWallet - Only 20 addresses show up in my counterparty wallet - I wonder if the pass phrases are identical or not.

“Low-level RPC changes” in 0.13 is a must-read material, I think quite a lot of changes which could subtly impact CP!
Release Notes: