CIP19 - Upgrade to Bitcoin 0.16.2 and Indexd

Proposal to update counterparty to latest Bitcoin version + usage of addrindex.

As usual, feel free to discuss.

This is a sorely needed improvement which will make Counterparty much easier to maintain going forward. One of the major complaints that I have heard from exchanges about CP is the need to run a custom version of bitcoin instead of being able to use a standard bitcoin installation…

Address 1JjhLd8aEHZD3ykBexkAe3GwdaC5FdbETT has been provisioned for this CIP and 500 XCP has been transferred from the developer fund to fully fund this CIP.

Great work John! :slight_smile:

It’s my understanding that people could also switch out indexd and user their own (more performant) indexing solution? albiet may need a wrapper, I know theres a open source c++ indexer and also I heard @loon3 was interested in a rust implementation.

As long as their implementation conforms to the indexd one, yes, they can… although indexd with the latest fix lags behind bitcoind in the order of milliseconds

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Indexd merged to develop

Can someone compare Ledger hashes with me on the Develop branch on testnet?

Block: 1413735 (3.07s, hashes: L:a8639 / TX:9e20d / M:b2594)

Will spend some time tonight spinning up a new fednode and syncing the develop branch.

Tested today morning some stuff and there are still compatibility issues with bitcoind api calls, will get to solve them asap today.

Indexd fixes pushed to develop, all non-complex PRs cleared from the main repos.

Milestones 1 & 2 completed.

Payout of 275 XCP for completing Milestones 1 & 2 is complete:

Documentation updated

Milestone 3 completed

Payout of 75 XCP for completing Milestone 3 is complete:

Payout of 150 XCP for completing Milestone 4 is complete: