Counterparty Gateway Service Proof of Concept

Hey guys, figured I would make a post about this here.

I have created a Counterparty Gateway / vending machine service which could be considered an alternative to vennd. Check out the source here:

At this point it is mostly a prototype, but it will be improving and evolving over the next little while. Contributions are welcome. Also probably am going to re-implement it in Python sometime. 


Excellent! I was expecting something like this to surface soon. Much appreciated (even though it’s competition for Vennd…:)  ).

quick update on this, It now supports multiple gateways running off the same script, all you need to do is add in new entries to a config file. Also supports dynamic exchange rates on a per-token basis. Prices can be based off a JSON API response, a custom function, a counterparty feed broadcast or just a fixed price rate! Examples and such can be found in the README :smiley: