Cannot transfer funds

Hi, I would like to trade some of the coins I own on Yobit. As I try to transfer them over there with the address provided, I am not allowed (must be a valid Bitcoin address). It is not Bitcoins I want to send. Please advise me what is the problem and how should i approach this. Appreciate your help!

What coin type do you have in counterwallet? Is it supported on Yobit? The counterwallet address is also a bitcoin address, did you make a typo?


Thanks for your response. I am trying to deposit Universe Coin and yes, Yobit is one of the trading platforms that the coin is supported on. I could not make a typo mistake because I copy-pasted the given address. DO you suspect what the problem is in here?

Do you mean that coin?

Looks like it is not supported by counterwallet?


Yes, this is the coin. And I am currently holding it in my counterwallet, and I was abe to transfer from another wallet. So I believe it is supported by the counterwallet.

Maybe in coutnerwallet there is a different Universe coin which does not match ?

Can you post your public address or check at if a website is associated with the universe coin in your wallet? Does it match ?