BTC transfer to Coinbase

My Counterparty wallet shows that .01186859 = $ 667.00 BTC USD is available ! But when go to transfer says not enough BTC in wallet ??

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Counterparty will say all servers are fine per their status site but it is happening across all “their” wallets…Indiesquare, freewallet…ALL error messages point to Counterparty servers…all use the same server. 3 days ago I was able to transfer some small amount of coin. Since then nothing. Seems like counterparty has a problem.! Now can’t even log into Counterwallet.
Error comm with counterparty server|666x500

It sounds like your trying to transfer all of your BTC out of the Counterparty wallet, which is not really what the wallet was meant for. It was meant for you to have BTC in the wallet to pay for Counterparty transactions.

If your having issues sending ALL the BTC out of your wallet, you always have the option to export the private key from the wallet, import it into any standard bitcoin wallet like “” and then your free to send your BTC as you want without any “error” messages

Also, it could be that something on your machine like your firewall or anti-virus software is preventing the wallet from communicating with the servers. In any case, the platform seems to be up and working fine, and there are lots of users using the wallets fine (you can see many transactions happening on the network right now)… so not sure why your having issues, but it is not any issue with the platform as you seem to think.